KL Cherokee 1.5" Lift Kit
KL Cherokee 1.5" Lift Kit

KL Cherokee 1.5" Lift Kit

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For all models of KL Cherokee 2014-2021+, this kit provides 1.5" of lift.

The lift is achieved by adjusting the strut and mount in the front of the vehicle, and adding spacers to the rear spring. This allows for a 1.5" lift, and allows for larger tires. most 30.5" tires will fit with no other modifications, and up to 32" tires can be fit with some trimming and modification in the wheel wells.

For FWD or Active Drive I vehicles, the Rear Wheel Centering kit may be needed if tires larger than 30" are used. 

All parts are custom made for the vehicle, and made from high quality parts. 

The kit includes waterjet cut UHMW-PE upper spacers and Powder Coated Aluminum lower spacers, a vehicle specific front strut spacing tool, and high grade replacement hardware. 

All kits include a full-color installation guide.


Optionally, include the Lift Reinforcement Kit.

While not necessary, this optional reinforcement kit provides a bit of extra piece of mind when pushing your lift to the limits on the trails.

Made from 2024 Aluminum, and powder coated for a durable finish.


Kit includes:

One collar clamp for each front strut placed above the knuckle, to help limit forces placed on the strut during downward motion.

A Stainless set screw for each rear lower spring isolator, to extend the alignment peg past the spacer, ensuring proper alignment is kept during motion. An Allen key for the set screw is included.

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