BU Renegade Roof Light Bar Mounts - Resilient Industries

BU Renegade Roof Light Bar Mounts - Resilient Industries

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Designed and manufactured by Resilient Industries, finished and coated by Hazard Sky in matte black, these Mounts allow a light bar to be mounted above the windshield.

From Resilient Industries:

These 2015-17 Jeep Renegade BU light bar brackets allow you to install a straight or curved LED light bar(not included) above your windshield. We have installed straight 40" light bars ranging from the $50 light bars on amazon to the $1200 Rigid E-series light bars. When it comes to the curved light bars we have installed many different brands ranging from 42"-43" end to end. These brackets mount underneath your factory roof rails using the existing rails and hardware-NO DRILLING OR CUTTING REQUIRED. They will give your Renegade BU a clean, from-the-factory, rugged off-road look, and they also allow for vertical adjustment of the beam.

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