Staying Strong

Staying Strong


      These are unprecedented times. At Hazard Sky, we are working to stay strong despite the challenges in our world. We've retasked our idle 3d printers to produce parts for medical professionals, joined with many other makers and local businesses to support each other, and continue to support our customers.

      Our customers have asked how they can help, and we've put together some small projects.
      - A limited edition holographic Hazard Sky decal is available, which fuels cost and materials for us to produce at least two face shields to be distributed to local medical providers.
      - 10% of all normal sales will go towards keeping us stocked with materials, and consumables replaced, to continue producing these medical parts- Gift cards are available, and the same 10% will be donated to the cause
      - Donations are accepted for anyone that wants to give more direct help:

      Keep us fueled

      Help Out

      Our commitement remains as always to our customers and our community, and we are doing our part to help in what ways we can. We will get through this. Together.
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